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The MOD® is a secure wireless PCA device that holds eight doses of the patient’s pain medication. The device is safely locked onto an IV pole and delivered to the bedside within easy reach of the patient. A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wristband is registered to the receiving patient through MODTrac™, the device’s software program. Clinician orders are entered into the MODTrac system and at prescribed lock-out time intervals, a green light illuminates and the patient knows that the next dose of pain medication is available, as/if needed. Sixty minutes after each dose, the patient is prompted to re-enter his or her pain score, providing the healthcare team with a real-time view of how the patient’s pain is responding to the prescribed treatment.

Caregiver Bed    


Quality Custom Healthcare Products 

IVEA   IVEA Brochure

The IVEA is ideal for patients who are ready or nearly ready to ambulate. It stays with the patient bedside, eliminating the need to transfer equipment from one device to another, and provides stable support during ambulation.

  • Manages and organizes patient equipment
  • Secures cords and tubing
  • Positions catheter bag properly
  • Frees clinician’s hands for patient focus
  • Encourages natural gait/posture
  • Fits bedside and in bathrooms
  • Enhances stability with SureTrek™
  • Caster System
  • Makes pumps easier to read

NeoMed       NeoMed ENFit Pharmacy Syringes

                                    NeoMed ENFit Enteral Syringes

                                    NeoMed Legacy Pharmacy Syringes
                                    NeoMed Legacy Enteral Syringes

Family Centered Care is the new model for hospitals.   When the loved one’s get rest, they are better able to assist, learn, and comprehend.    More satisfied loved ones equates to better overall patient satisfaction.

The Caregiver Bed is:

  • space-saving, allows for better room utilization
  • when deployed from the wall provides a comfortable night’s stay and ample seating area (at a standard chair height)
  • only bed on the market equipped with Tempur-Pedic™ mattress that is encased in a medical-grade Dartex cover
  • the frame is stainless steel, powder coated and coated with a medical grade resin infused anti-microbial shell
  • installation takes less than 15 minutes; most current installations take place in already existing units because the bed only takes up 45 inches of wall space
  • the bed has been tested for durability equivalent to 15 years of daily use
  • deploys from the wall with only 12 lbs. of force and floats to the ground
  • lifetime frame warranty, 10 year warranty on the mattress
  • On Vizient and HPG contract
  • Free 4 Bed, 60 day trial