Family Centered Care is the new model for hospitals.   When the loved one’s get rest, they are better able to assist, learn, and comprehend.    More satisfied loved ones equates to better overall patient satisfaction.

The Caregiver Bed is:

  • space-saving, allows for better room utilization
  • when deployed from the wall provides a comfortable night’s stay and ample seating area (at a standard chair height)
  • only bed on the market equipped with Tempur-Pedic™ mattress that is encased in a medical-grade Dartex cover
  • the frame is stainless steel, powder coated and coated with a medical grade resin infused anti-microbial shell
  • installation takes less than 15 minutes; most current installations take place in already existing units because the bed only takes up 45 inches of wall space
  • the bed has been tested for durability equivalent to 15 years of daily use
  • deploys from the wall with only 12 lbs. of force and floats to the ground
  • lifetime frame warranty, 10 year warranty on the mattress
  • On Vizient and HPG contract
  • Free 4 Bed, 60 day trial


​​​Caregiver Bed

Kirlin Lighting

The best light for L&D with a 60 degree angle for birth canal illumination, a large pool of light, and a light intense enough for repairs.  Fully recessed in the ceiling and easy to manipulate.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

T-Piece resuscitation is becoming the standard of care for safe and effective resuscitation.  The Neopuff provides consistent PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure) and controlled PIP (Positive Inspiratory Pressure).

Place a Neopuff at each bedside for "best practice" standardization of care.  

Infant 'Identifier

Biometrically link mother and infant.  
Especially useful for adoptions, in-vitro fertilization, and infant abduction.

Playful Wash 

Organic baby wash that is pH neutral with no fragrances or harsh chemicals.

Neonatal Reflectors

Heart-shaped hydrogel reflectors. 

Small Beginnings

Designed out of a clinical passion to improve current products for babies.

  • Bebonker Oral & Nasal Suction device - multiple hole design prevents damaging the infants mucosa.

  • The Bili-Bonnet Phototherapy Mask - Best fit for baby.  Zero light penetration. 

  • Lil' Pacee Pacifiers - designed for use while intubated or on Nasal CPAP.  Soft silicone nipple mimics nutritive suck.

  • Cuddle Buns Diapers - small crotch prevents hip abduction.

Small Beginnings Catalog link​​

Divergent Medical​

Labor and Delivery identity matching for baby, umbilical cord clamps, umbilical cord cutters, amniotic membrane perforators, and more. 

Divergent Medical Catalog Link