DandleLion Medical

Developmental Support Systems to meet the baby's developmental and medical needs.  Check out the Dandle Lion Website for videos on how to use the DandleROODandleROO Lite, and DandleWrap.

  • Dandle Lion KISSES - 24% Organic Sucrose.  Packaged sterile with no preservatives and no additives. 

  • KangaROO Kuddler - offers security and comfort during skin-to-skin holding

  • Dandle Lion Thermal Hats - Polyethylene lined hats to help prevent evaporative heat loss and wick away moisture.

  • Dandy Tub Bathing System - Developmentally supportive swaddle bath for preemies and newborns.

  • Dandle Dots - dry erase sticky dots that do not leave a residue. These are great for NICU's where space is limited.  Helps provide communication between clinicians and families. 

  • Playful Wash - Safe none-toxic cleanser for babies

  • Nurturing Balm Diaper Rash Cream - no chemicals or fragrances

  • The Empower Program - An educational tool designed to target families of extreme premature babies.   Program was nominated for the Magnet Prize in 2007.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare  

T-Piece resuscitation is becoming the standard of care for safe and effective resuscitation.  The Neopuff provides consistent PEEP (Positive End Expiatory Pressure) and controlled PIP (Positive Inspiratory Pressure).

Place a Neopuff at each bedside for "best practice" standardization of care.

FlexiTrunk Infant Interface for Ventilator CPAP.  Unique design allows for head movement, easy prong/mask repositioning for optimum fit and sealing capability. 

NAPA Airway Pressure Monitor      

The NAPA LP-15 Airway Pressure Monitor is a compact monitoring device that continuously monitors the mean airway pressure during CPAP therapy

NAPA LP-15 Brochure

Caregiver Bed​             Caregiver Bed Brochure 1                             Caregiver Bed Brochure 2

Family Centered Care is the new model for hospitals.   When the loved one’s get rest, they are better able to assist, learn, and comprehend.    More satisfied loved ones equates to better overall patient satisfaction.

The Caregiver Bed is:

  • space-saving, allows for better room utilization
  • when deployed from the wall provides a comfortable night’s stay and ample seating area (at a standard chair height)
  • only bed on the market equipped with Tempur-Pedic™ mattress that is encased in a medical-grade

          Dartex cover

  • the frame is stainless steel, powder coated and coated with a medical grade resin infused

          anti-microbial shell

  • installation takes less than 15 minutes; most current installations take place in already existing units

          because the bed only takes up 45 inches of wall space

  • the bed has been tested for durability equivalent to 15 years of daily use
  • deploys from the wall with only 12 lbs. of force and floats to the ground
  • lifetime frame warranty, 10 year warranty on the mattress
  • On Vizient and HPG contract
  • Free 4 Bed, 60 day trial

Please follow the link for more information on the bed:

RMS Omega

With RMS Omega’s Patent Pending RFID technology, the RestEasy RFID solution allows you to positively identify infants quickly and accurately. Using a comfortable, adjustable RFID infant ankle band, the RFID reader can read through the incubator and swaddle blankets while eliminating the potential for the scanner beam to get in baby’s eyes.


              Important for recovery, growth, and development of very young and sick babies.

              Keep scanner beams away from baby’s face and provide accurate identification through padded incubator covers.

              No need to get close or adjust the patient to scan a barcode.​

Neonatal/Pediatric Electrodes     

Developmentally friendly hydrogel electrodes. 


HeRO uses proprietary algorithms to quantify heart rate variability patterns and assigns a score to the risk level for developing illness.

Proven in a 3000 patient randomized controlled trial.   Use of the HeRO score led to a 22% reduction in mortality in VLBW infants. 


Fully recessed, ceiling mounted, motorized exam lights.  Provide excellent illumination while being up, and out of the way.

Small Beginnings 

Designed out of a clinical passion to improve current products for babies.

  • Bebonker Oral & Nasal Suction device - multiple hole design prevents damaging the infants mucosa.

  • The Bili-Bonnet Phototherapy Mask - Best fit for baby.  Zero light penetration.

  • Lil' Pacee Pacifiers - designed for use while intubated or on Nasal CPAP.  Soft silicone nipple mimics nutritive suck.

  • Cuddle Buns Diapers - small crotch prevents hip abduction.

  • Heavenly Foam Mattress Pad - visco elastic memory foam that is a perfect topper for a neonatal bed.

  • Preemie Nest - unique positioning devices used to move sensitive patients from side-to-side. 

  • Posture Pillows - Abdominal, head, and wedge pillows filled with soft TPE beads, feel like gel but never evaporate. 

  • The Bed Buddy - create boundaries for the baby.  Good for 10 years or more.  Zero replacement costs.

Small Beginnings Catalog link

Water Wipes 

The World's purest wipe!  99.9% water 0.1% fruit extract.  Gentle on sensitive and fragile skin. 

Water Wipes brochure